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    Topher Goggin is a lawyer in "real life," but also is a writer and award-winning broadcaster. Check here for his latest projects, info on the side-splitting Not Your Mother's Goose book and podcast, plus other fun stuff. To be the first to know when something new comes out, or just to get some good Rumpelstiltskin jokes, subscribe here to the Not Your Mother's Goose "Goose Droppings" newsletter. You could even win prizes!

  • Book and Podcast

    Check out Topher's hilarious Not Your Mother's Goose book and the gut-busting Not Your Mother's Goose podcast.

    Not Your Mother's Goose is a series of totally irreverent, mega-sarcastic fairy tale recaps for grown-ups, along with hilarious fake news stories and headlines ranging from Old McDonald bombing on Wheel of Fortune after only buying vowels to Pinocchio succumbing to a long battle with Dutch Elm Disease. Add in Rick Cunningham's gut-busting illustrations and you've got a laugh fest you could give as a gift, but that you'll probably just want to keep for yourself.

    The uproarious new show based on the book, Not Your Mother's Goose combines uproarious retellings of classic stories with fairy tale "news" (ahem), fake sponsors ranging from the Heaps of Frogs dating service to the personal injury lawyer that got Humpty Dumpty $500k, and more. And don't miss the side-splitting parody songs on "Rapunzel's Jukebox," performed by the incomparable Andrew Mitchell. The Goose is Loose!

  • Other Fun Stuff

    Videos of Topher's annual NASCAR recap songs, which he sings himself, extremely poorly. They are surprisingly popular for reasons that have yet to be explained.

    Online destination for all things related to Not Your Mother's Goose, including the book, coloring book, audio book, podcast, merchandise, and more. To go directly to podcast episodes, go here.

    Facebook home of Not Your Mother's Goose, including cartoons, clippings, insider info, and more.

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    Christopher E. Goggin, PLLC

    This site is NOT dedicated to the law office, but if you need legal assistance in or around central Michigan, we are now located at 422 Woodworth Avenue in Alma. Please contact us at (989) 463-3191.

  • Topher Goggin is an award-winning play-by-play announcer, boradcasting football and basketball for Alma College, WQBX radio, and the Michigan High School Athletic Association. For more detailed info, click here.

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